The Most Scandalous Film in Russia in the last decade
MTV Movie Award for the best Russian film 2007

The film type: a full-length feature film
Genre: Action / Adventure / Thriller / Drama
Production stage: completed
Budget: 5.0 M USD
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Year of production: 2006
Log-line: No Love. No Grief. No Mercy

Director: Alexander Atanesyan
Producer: Gevorg Nersisyan (Paradise Group), Martin Adiyan, Yuri Kushnerev
Cast: Alexander Golovin, Andrei Krasko, Andrei Panin, Nikita Yerunov, Sergei Rychenkov, Vladimir Andreev, Vladimir Kashpur, Alexander Atanesyan, Vladimir Kunin

1943. Colonel Vyshnevetsky is taken back from imprisonment and assigned to organize the military school of subversive training. The cadets are 14-15 years old juvenile criminals and they are selected from prisons. After severe training they are being sent on mission to destroy the mountain – alpine Nazi military base.

Lost high in the mountains, between life and death, you still can make a choice: to remain “bastard” or to become a hero.

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